The gutter along with the downspouts plays a major role in the redirection of water to the specified location. The downspout remains as the pathway for the water from the end of the gutter and they open up in the storage area or the let-out. The downspouts used in gutter are seldom referred to as downpipes.  They are used most often for the flexibility in the construction process to adapt to the complicated architecture of the house. The downspouts are as important as the gutters in the guttering process, so it is mandatory factor to gain some idea on downspouts types and sizes to make the choice much better. This is similar to the various types of gutter materials used. The below paragraphs showcases on some of the downspout types:

Types of Downspouts:

Vinyl Or Plastic Downspout: this is the light weight product used along with the plastic gutters. This downspout variety is available in different colors and sizes to fit the architecture of the house. This has balanced pros and cons which become the criteria to opt for this type of downspout. The chance of getting rusted is very less and they can be painted to match the color of the home.

Copper Downspout: Copper is one of the preferable downspout material for most of the houses due to the durability they provide. The copper is heavy materials and the installation and replacement of such thing need the professionals, as they are experienced in handling hard materials. They are completely devoid of rust and corrosion. Copper downspouts are equally as expensive as the benefits they provide.

Aluminum Downspout: aluminum is one of the most inexpensive downspout material combined with the aluminum gutters. This material is the light weighted substances which are very easy to install. With this type the downspout and the gutter replacement service is done even by the non-professionals. The aluminum gutter is also restricted to getting rust and stays healthy for long duration if they are protected from dents and moss formation. Due to the light weighted nature, they get easily damaged by the high blowing wind and falling of hard substances which then leads to leakage or disturbance in water flow.

Galvanized Steel Downspouts: this is the inexpensive and strong gutter material type which is used in the high cold regions. The areas prone to frequent ice dam formation and the snow storms opt for this kind of downspout along with the gutter. The cons involved in this type of gutter are they get rust at very faster rate. This type doesn’t have the flexibility to adapt to the external design of the house (i.e.) paint color. Attempting to paint this downspout may lead to damage.

Special Type Of Downspout:

Bi-Feed Downspout:  the above explained are the types based on the materials. This is the type based on the function they provide. This type is made by the construction process and they are available in all the types of materials mentioned above. This is done for the aesthetic purpose and it also it provides ease for the professionals in the construction process. The pathway of downspout is complicated in some architecture. With such downspouts the water draining the two outlet of the gutter or roof can be bought to combine in the same location.

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