Our home is the first and last place we see everyday. In a perfect world, our homes would never go dirty, old, gloomy and musty. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Our once new homes grow old just as we do. The walls become dull and its beautiful paint chip. The laminated flooring and tiles crack. Our shiny polished floors become grainy and unpolished.

How do we get the beauty of our homes back without having to remodel or rebuild? What flooring options do we have? Floor sanding and floor polishing will revive the beauty of our floors and our homes as a start.

What is floor sanding? It is the process of removing the top surface of wooden floors by sanding with abrasive materials. Timber, cork, particleboard, oak and parquet are types of floors that can be sanded. Floor sanding has three steps. Preparation, sanding and coating. The last step protects the floor from going rough.

Sanding- The Legend Cs

What is floor polishing? Floor polishing is when we keep the finish of our floors
intact. It restores the existing finish by filling in scratches and evening out the surface of a hardwood floor. Polish provides a protective layer and evens out the sheen of the floor.

SAnding - The Legend CS

The next question is, should I get a professional to work on my floors? Yes! Floor maintenance should be done by pros. The professionals at The Legend will restore the beauty of your old wooden floors making it look brand new. The Legend does not only do work for home, but for offices and buildings as well. They can maintain the good looks of your flooring in a timely manner while you do the things you need to do daily.

Why DIY when The Legend can do it for you. Call for a no commitment quote now at 1-300-109-021.