When you look at your neighbour’s well-manicured lawn, you tell yourself that you can do it too. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. You might not have the time, the energy, and the knowledge to pull it off on your own. It can be a pretty demanding task if you want to get good results, but we, at The Legend General Services, can help you accomplish it.

The Legend GS is experienced at lawn mowing and maintenance. We know what to do during a certain time of the year to keep your lawn healthy and appealing. We also know how significant your lawn’s appearance will have on the value of your property.

More than just mowing the lawn, maintaining it also means edging the area professionally. This also covers the trees, other plants, and garden features surrounding the lawn. It is a good thing that we know what we are doing, after being around the business for seven years now. If you choose us, you will become one of the loyal Sydney residents that we have catered to for years. We can even offer weed and pest control, top dressing, fertilising, aeration, coring, and turf laying. These activities are important to keeping an impressive lawn.

Our lawn mowing services are available for a one-off appointment or a recurrent one. We can talk over the details of your clean up needs, especially about the type of lawn, the frequency of the mowing, and the appearance of the house.

The moment you entrust your lawn to us, you can rest assured that you will get quality results due to experienced and talented workmanship. This is the reason why we have held on to one of the top spots as a Sydney-based lawn maintenance service company. We also follow the relevant rules and regulations in Australia.

Our cleaning crew will not leave the premises until you say that you are 100% satisfied with their work. We can give you a free quote, without surprising you with any hidden charges later. We are also licensed and fully insured to provide your services. Call us today at 1300 109 021 now and get a free quote!