The roof staining organism such as algae, lichens and moss will start to eat the roof and damage the roof if proper maintenance is not taken at necessary times. Some homeowners think cleaning the flat-roof may be a messy, unwanted task but it should be done one to two years to get rid off from any dirt and debris that build-up overtime. The other important thing is excessive cleaning of the roof may result in damage and breakage as it puts additional stress on the roof.

Cleaning Methods

  • Autumn is always a good time to clean the flat-roof as this is the season where the leaves fall from the trees. We can gently clean the debris from the brush. Using chlorine to wash the roof is good in that requires less rinsing. However, chlorine can be toxic to plants as well as people in some cases. Hence, you should take adequate precaution if you use chlorine to clean your roof. The chlorine is sprayed on the roof and waits it for to dry and re-apply it for several times if needed. This helps to prevent the moss in the roof and also less expensive and this method don’t require rinse after it has been sprayed.
  • The next cleaning method is pressure-washer is to clean the flat roof .This cleaning method is environmental friendly and no chemicals are used. Moreover, pressure washing means that you are not going to be using any harsh or harmful chemicals. Its cost-effective, eco-friendly, can clean the hardest stains, and can remove algae and moss. A gasoline powered pressure washer-Easily removes any moss and algae that has grown as a result of staging water.
  • If the roof is dirty and grimy, we can use sodium hydroxide to clean the roof. The sodium hydroxide should be rinsed thoroughly and this adds the wear and tear for the roof. As the sodium hydroxide is very harmful to folks, animals and plants. So it should rinse in a proper manner.


The roof maintenance is very important to bring the roof life as long-lasting one. Any signs of damage could result could result in a leak, worse and leads to collapse. Flat roof maintenance is particularly important after a heavy downs pour or snowfall.

  • Always we have to clean the roof clean. Flat roof tends to collect the debris, dirt and even fallen leaves .This should be cleaned regularly before the heavy damage.
  • The most disadvantages in flat roof Is after the rain it does not drain off properly. Keeping the drain pipes and downspouts clean is very important the home owner have to take necessary steps to remove all sludge and algae that accumulates around the drain openings.
  • Inspect the roof surface for blister and cracks. It is always better to find these cracks in starting stage otherwise it will lads to reroofing off entire roof. If you find a crack use a roof cement to seal it.
  • The extensive damage to the roof will leads to removal section of the roof and replacement with new material. The water proofing of roof is very essential for flat roofs to prevent the roof from rains damages.

Roof should be properly cleaned and maintained in order to avoid from various damages. The roof restoration professionals will helps to clean the roof in a best way and maintain the roof whenever it is needed. The Legend General Services has highly trained staff to provide residential and commercial High Pressure Cleaning, Gutter Replacement, Roof Restoration, Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Sydney and Wollongong. Contact us now 1300 109 021.