The gutters stay in all the seasons and the bear the different climatic conditions like hot and cold, but they serve well during the rainy season by redirecting the path of the water to the specified location. Though the purpose of gutter is for specific period annually, it is necessary to do the gutter maintenance process in rest of the years. This will increase the durability of the gutters and keeps the house healthy for long period of time keeping away from mold and fungus. So to do this, it is very important to maintain the gutters periodically. The maintenance is done by inspection and cleaning. This process doesn’t need the professionals unless the architecture is complex. For small portions, the maintenance process can be done even by the folks. Thus to make the maintenance process effective, It is necessary to prepare the proper checklist before the start of the process.

Things to be noted during inspection:

  1. Leaks: To start with the inspection process, the first thing to note is the leaks. The leaks cannot be spotted when the inspection is done on summer. To make the leak visible, check out by pouring the water in the pathway of the gutter along with the downspouts. The leaks are very predominant in the standard gutters, as they are constructed with number of seams and joints.
  2. Clogged Leaves And Debris: the clogged leaves are the problem in both the summer and the winter season. To prevent the clogged leaves, there came up with many types of gutter guards which are used to suit the architecture of the house. Despite using the gutter guards for the prevention of clogging, the nano and micro particle debris settle in the bottom like the precipitate which then accumulate and interrupt the water flow.
  3. Downspout Inspection: the outer portion of the gutters is very easy to check, but the downspout can be suspected for the blockage due to the leaves or some hard substance. Thus to inspect the downspout, it is efficient to splash the water into the hole and checked for the efficient water flow.
  4. Ice Dams: ice dams are one of the problems during the winter season, the special kind of inspection is not needed for the inspecting the ice dams, as they are in the vicinity. The ice dams cannot be controlled during the formation process. Folks have to wait till the end of the season to abolish it. There are gutter which are accompanied with the heaters which melts the ice dams to the particular extent.

Things to do while cleaning or repairing: At the end of inspection process, the defects are identified and framed as the checklist to correct them one by one while cleaning.

  1. The leaf removal is the process need to be done as the priority thing, because accumulation of leaves gives awkward look to the house. Cleaning the leaves doesn’t need special equipment, all that required is the brush to remove or sweep the leaves. If the leaves are present in the gutter guards remove it using the bristled brush.
  2. If the water is stored for some household purpose like car washing, cloth washing, etc… it is necessary to keep the water clean and neat in the preserved container. The water gains the nature of the place it is falling in. Thus the fungus deposition in the layers of the gutter should be cleaned well and made it to dry for few hours. This act can be done during the summer for best result.
  3. The leakages of the gutters are closed by sealing the seams or if the person is not provided with the necessary equipment, it is well and good to contact the professional contractors for efficient gutter cleaning. They perform the gutter replacement if the gutters lost its quality.
  4. The downspout cleaning is seriously difficult task comparatively. This can be done by pressuring the water through the outlet into the downspout. By doing this the blockages will be removed and the water flow will be made ease.

These are some of the things to be kept in the checklist while maintaining the gutter from the start of gutter inspection to replacement process.

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