Blocked drainage causes us trouble and consumes our time. Water spills on the kitchen floor when the water does not drain easily on the sink especially when washing the dishes. It’s dangerous. One may be slipped.


There are many factors that causes our drainage not function well. It could be clogged. This happens most of the time on the kitchen sink. Bits of leftovers are sometimes drained to it—intentionally or not. If this happens from time to time, those bits will gathered on a certain spot of the pipe, creating a blockage.

There are some cases that pipes are placed outside and are only checked if something goes wrong. If it’s blocked, chances are there could be roots of trees growing inside it.

Having a blocked drainage for your toilet is the most annoying problem—not to mention yet the smell. Gross!

What have mentioned above are just few scenarios that will happen if the drainage or pipes are not checked from time to time. It should be cleaned and maintained as well to avoid costly charges in the future.

Fixing pipes or drainage is not as easy as we think. That’s why we have folks who are engaged in professional plumbing services. They are well-experienced on fixing pipes on different levels. And of course, the tools that will be needed especially when something becomes serious.

It’s best to contact professionals on handling drainage issues to avoid making the bad, worse.

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