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Roof restoration is the best way to make a building last for a long time. Roof is said to be the crown of a building or a home. It tells the value of your property. It speaks for you—whether you pay attention to small details of what has great importance or not.

Home owners are sometimes reluctant to invest on roof restoration due to the fact that roof repairs are easily done. Occasionally, hectic schedules and other personal activities lead to forgetting some tasks.

Minor repairs become major ones if not attended right away and of course, it may cost you more.

Roofs like other things have an expiration but if it’s taken care of, it would last for a long time. Roofs are made of materials that can resist heavy rain or too much heat or any other weather conditions. But it doesn’t mean that roofs are safe as well from moss, mold, mildew and algae that can all grow on its surface especially during wet climate.

These organisms not only degrade the value of your home or commercial building but they also affect individual’s health. They like moisture and as they grow, they contain even more moisture, all resting on the surface of your roof causing your roofing materials to rot. Algae also like the humid conditions in gutters and downspouts and can grow there as well. And the most dangerous of all is the mold, especially the black one. It’s attracted to damp or humid environments and spreads fast. If this mold on the roof is not addressed right away, it could weaken the entire structure of a building. Black molds are toxic that have strong musty smell that can cause serious respiratory illness.

How can we protect or restore our roofs and make it last for a long time?

The durability of a roof depends on the materials used to it.

The paint to be used should be hard-wearing, so you won’t be repainting the flecks and cracks every couple of years. It should be chip, peel and crack resistant, termite resistant, non-combustible, and resilient against harsh climates. Consider colorbond roofing because it has a good quality when it comes to its paint. It has Thermatech technology which helps to bounce back penetrating heat keeping the coolness of the building.

For roof tiles, the one which is highly recommended is the monier roof tiles because it won’t rust, warp or corrode. It provides thermal insulation and it is ideal also for colder climates, the raw materials used to manufacture this tiles are non-toxic. It is also salt-safe, ideal for houses built near the oceans. It also helps keeping unwanted noise out like the noise outside the building.

Roofs lasts longer with clean gutters. Gutter cleaning will free your gutters from clogs that may cause water seeping in your roof. By cleaning the gutter, the nesting areas for termites, mosquitoes or other insects will be terminated.

Minor repairs can be done easily with roof seal products. It’s best to choose those which have reflective properties, protecting your roof from harmful rays of the sun. It also adds protection to make your roof last longer before it must be completely repaired or replaced.

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